Dear Dr. Wiatt

First I must tell you, that I have NEVER IN MY LIFE felt so compelled to write a letter like this.

Recently, one of your vet Techs, Susan Lopez, who happens to be one of my neighbors, suggested that I bring my Terrier, Buddy, in to get his annual vaccinations. I took him in on a Wednesday to get his shots, but noticed that he was limping a little. I had taken him on a little “nature hike” the prior weekend. I was greeted at your facility by your friendly staff and explained why I was there.

Then the magic started to happen. Your vet Techs,took a look at his paw. She noticed a sticker in his right front paw that I could not see. It turned out to be a foxtail that was almost 1/2 an inch into his paw. She masterfully removed it, cleaned the area around his paw and then gave him his shots. They were both so wonderful with him, I was thrilled to see the amount of care they truly had for his well being.

As if this wasn’t enough, last Friday the 19th, I was walking Buddy with a neighbor, when we were attacked by a Pit bull. In a state of almost shock, I was taken to your facility by my neighbor where Susan Lopez met us as soon as we walked in the door. They immediately went to work on him, and Susan asked that he be given a gas anesthetic so that he could go home with me that evening. She obviously knows how much Buddy means to me.

He is now recovering from his wounds and seems to be doing much better. And I owe you and all of your skilled and compassionate staff for giving me back “my baby.” You have a client for life.

Sincerely and Eternally Grateful,

Cindy Banks (Buddy's mom)

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