Dear Dr. Wiatt.

Just wanted to send you a quick update, as it has been three years since you gave Kindred her first ultrasound. I’m happy to let you know she is still with us! And I’m compelled to thank you once again for your advice about taking her home and just enjoy whatever time we have left. Who could have imagined at that time it would be 36 months??? I give a lot of credit to the wonderful care and management she receives from Sam, Jodie, Dr. Hagins, and the rest of the gang over at Community. Of course, all the oodles of loving and playing she enjoys here at home can’t be hurting any!

Here’s the most recent picture of her. Bright eyed and ready to fetch her squeaky ball. We take everything with her one week at a time, but so far so good. She recently had xrays to check her lungs, etc. and everything is looking great. So, if we can just keep those kidneys working for a while longer, it seems she’s good for at least a few more miles. ;0)

Take Care,


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