My expectations were exceeded

The reason I chose the Pet Hospital for Max’ surgery was because of the positive feedback posted on Yelp. Even after reading the positive reviews, I was not prepared for how truly excellent this facility and its employees are. My expectations were exceeded completely and here is why: Animals have senses that we do not, having the ability to sense hostility, aggression, and then the more positive signals such as friendliness. Max is a Pit Bull who is very protective and NEVER has a stranger approached him, nor I, without him going ballistic. This includes at home as well as on walks through our neighborhood, and it took months before in-laws could be in our house with Max walking around freely. So concerned for the safety of the staff, I requested a muzzle to put on him prior to entering the hospital. Surprise, awe, confusion are just a couple of the emotions I felt when the first Technician approached Max without hesitation and commenced with handling and examining him. Not only did Max NOT bark but his tail was wagging, and that wagging did not stop until we left. Every person to include Dr. Wiatt was met by Max with wagging tail and a completely docile demeanor. When I brought Max in for a follow up, he actually stood on his back legs in order to see over the counter to greet the receptionist, again with tail wagging. These are good people who care for animals, and the animals respond in kind. I recall taking a dog to a Veterinary clinic in another city and he had to be dragged in and the dog’s fear started as soon as we turned into the parking lot. No such emotions from the Pet Hospital because they are truly gifted and caring, so Max does not fear them. As a rescued dog he is more fearful than other dogs and so it is refreshing to see him so comfortable receiving treatment. Lastly, Max had surgery and prior to the surgery had a consultation and price quote. Here as well, my expectations were exceeded as not only was the fee lower than I expected, but when it came time to pay, my invoice was LESS than the quoted price! By a significant amount, and where have any of us experienced that? I am a loyal customer from here on out because I want only the best for my little buddy!

P. Minns Orange

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Pet Hospital
3411 E. Chapman Ave.
Orange, CA 92869

Pet Hospital is conveniently Located in Orange just off the 55 Freeway at Chapman Avenue.

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